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BNA: Brand New Animal

The Premise

It is an anime about this world where there exist two types of people, humans and Beastmen (humanoid animals). In this world Beastmen are discriminated and treated poorly, with the only exception being in Anima City, inhabited only by Beastmen.

One day a human girl wakes up only to find herself now as a Beastman. As a result, she escapes off into Anima city in pursuit of her own safety, along with the mission of finding out why she transformed, and if there is a way for her to go back to her old life. During all of this she encounters a wolf beast man, instigated a sequence of events that drive the story forward.

This premise is of a human transforming into another type of being, to showcase the lives and perspective of these beings has been done before; with TOKYO Ghoul being the 1st anime to pop into mind.


Personally I find the art style here to be incredibly engaging, vivid and full of color. I found out about this anime from Scamboli Reviews. In his video he casually described this anime (albeit half jokingly) as a treat for people with ADHD. As a guy with ADHD I gotta say, this is so true! I found myself at the edge of my seat during many moments in this anime. The characters are so expressive, especially the main character.

The Problem

Unfortunately, due to Corona Virus the rest of the anime has been postponed, leaving us in the wait for what to expect next from this series.

EDIT: The rest of this season is now available online! Go check it out!

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