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This anime is about the relationship between a guy and a girl. However, the twist here is in the focus on what is called ‘Chinibyo’ or ‘8th grade syndrome’, which is essentially when someone is delusional about them having unreal powers despite the lack of evidence for it. Long story short, in his younger years our protagonist used to be one of these people, calling himself ‘The Dark Flame Master’. However, when starting highschool he decides to leave his embarrassing past behind him, in pursuit of being what he considers to be normal. During his 1st day of school he encounters a girl (the love interest), who has Chunibyo. Naturally her presence is at first a slight hinderance for the main character. However, through the course of the anime he learns to appreciate her, before two eventually get together.

What I liked about this Anime:

This is a slice of life anime, so naturally the bread and butter here is in the characters. I’ve got to say, these characters have a very nice charm to them. For example the main character is portrayed as being more mature, but being flawed due to his need to be ‘normal’. Whereas the love interest is more childlike, which is at first portrayed as a flaw, but then revealed to also be her strength. Each character has a distinctive feel, with their own motives for why they act the way they do. 

What’s deep about the Anime:

Well for a slice of life anime I’d argue that Chunibyo is fairly deep. The anime shows how people can wrap themselves around a self image, their own narrative in pursuit of escaping the world. Basically, nobody really sees the world for what it is, we’re all delusional in our own way. Therefore, it wouldn’t really make any sense for someone to try and be ‘normal’, since it’s pointless. The anime uses the most exteme and bizzare case as the metaphor for that (Chunibyo), to express how suspension of disbelief can lighten up the world. It promotes the idea of having a balanced perspective on reality, where you’d let your imagination run wild, but you’d also appreciate reality for what it is.

[“That’s pretty deep…”  

                                                               “No… You’re just shallow”]


In my opinion this anime is something nice to watch over a long period of time. I wouldn’t recommend binging through its 2 seasons, since it is a slice of life, and you may appreciate it more if you watched over time.  This anime isn’t phenominal with its writing and can get a bit unstimulating. The comedy is subpar, so if you want something to laugh with I’d recommend checking out my other blog on said topic. However, despite what it may be lacking, I think it’s a pretty good casual experience. This anime is a bit like comfort food for your entertainment. It’s not much, but it’s a very casual experience, which is disproportionately satisfying.

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