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Demon slayer

Demon slayer is an anime about Tanjiro, a human boy that loses his family to a demon. Meanwhile his sister survives, but only after losing her humanity. The story is about him going on the adventure to become a demon slayer, in pursuit of protecting his now-demon sister, along with finding a way to reverse the curse and turn her back into a human.

My thoughts:

In my opinion demon slayer is a series that I’d like to describe as ‘on the verge of being a masterpiece’. The anime has some unique fights along with a very vivid and captivating art style. The character designs are one of a kind, with this traditional esque element that I can’t quite put my finger on. Then we have the characters, they are very archetypical; I have to be honest here, for most of the series I felt like there wasn’t quite a lot of depth behind most characters. Demon slayer falls into the shounin genre and a common trope for these characters is that they’d fall in this vage architype known as ‘the main character of a shounin’, this is so true for Demon slayer.  However, as I watched the series I started to feel like there was some depth behind these characters, as it’s been showcased through the memories of side characters, along with the experiences Tanjiro has. Additionally, one thing this anime does differently, is how they victimize not only humans, but also demons in this series. It reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul, where both sides can appear to be menacing in different contexts. However, I’ve got to say I love the concept behind the ‘breathing techniques’, which is the primary combat system used in this series.  This anime even has one of the most epic moments I have seen, which caused it to blow up on twitter, even getting the attention of the pro gamer Ninja. To avoid handing out spoilers, I won’t go into what makes this moment so special. However, what I will say is this; this moment has strong emotional weight behind it, making out truly outstanding.

                     For reference I have this video by Gigguk which goes into why Demon slayer is art. However, I got to say: [SPOILER WARNING.]

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