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Hanako kun

This anime is a very interesting light hearted comedy between a girl and a ghost spirit inspired by the Japanese legend, Hanako. However, unlike the legend this ghost is very laid back and light hearted, despite having a slightly darker side. In this anime there are beings who exist upon the school rumors, creatures of the spirit.  It starts off with a girl trying to get help from Hanako to get her crush to notice her. However, this later spirals into the two forming a human- ghost pact of sorts. I’ve got to say that I found some of the plot points to be a bit intriguing. While this isn’t an anime that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s definitely quite satisfying to watch.

Art Style

I’ve got to say hand down, I love the art style in this anime. The characters look so beautiful, I’m just lost for words here. However, this isn’t just some animated wallpaper I’m recommending here, the fight scenes are pretty good too, albeit not the best anime has to offer.  On top of that the comedy is decent, while not messing up the tone of the anime; The serious moments are somewhat balanced with the more upbeat- comedy moments. However, overall this anime isn’t something outstanding as a work of art. Since it feels more like a pleasant casual watch which may get you a bit thrilled here and there as you go down the series. I found certain expressions to just be very eye catching and well selected for the scenes. Honestly, more than half of why I love this anime is because of its artstyle.


I’d recommend this anime to anyone, but not just because it’s a pretty animated wallpaper of sorts, but also because the plot is actually quite a bit charming. If you want a way to unwind after a day’s work, I’d recommend checking this anime out. However, I think you’d want to give a chance past the 1st episode to tell if it’s for you or not.

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