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ID: Invaded

What is this anime?

A psychological thriller infused with a sequence of murder mysteries, executed in a unique way. ID invaded is an anime which evolves through the course of 13 episodes, with strong themes regarding sense of self and reality. Personally, I’d recommend diving into these series blind, just because of how intriguing it is to see the story unravel itself. However, I would like to share my thoughts regarding this series and why I think it’s a brilliant pick for you.

Premise of this Anime

In the fictional world of Anime- Japan, an organization of investigators use technology to analyze “cognition Particles”, something released from someone’s drive to kill. In doing so they have the protagonist (Narhisago) be hooked up to a machine, that takes him to dream like world constructed according to the collected cognition particles. The catch is that during this process, the protagonist loses complete sense of self, becoming someone else. Each episode Narhisago must investigate these dream worlds as a detective with no memories of the outside world, in order to investigate the death of a girl existing only in his dreams, called Kairu. In doing so evidence regarding any real-life murder, committed by the owner of the cognition particles used will be found. This all happens with the real life side of the investigation taking place simultaneously.

My thoughts on this Anime:

I believe that ID invaded is an amazing series for any fan of the psychological thriller genre. Personally, I have always loved themes about dreams, reality and one’s sense of self, which is why this series strongly resonated with me. The show has a creative approach to having the main character spawn as an amnesiac detective in these dream worlds. In each dream world he must investigate the murder of a character found only in these worlds, called Kaeru. For an anime with 13 episodes, each involving the discovery of the dead girl Kaeru and the detective trying to find the cause of her death in every dream world, it never gets boring. This is because of how each dream is played of as its own story, with Narhisago becoming someone else every time. However, each of these stories are interlinked in a way that allows you to have a better sense of who Narhisago really is.

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