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Little Witch Academia

This anime is about a girl who sets out to a witch academy in pursuit of becoming an outstanding witch, like someone she idolized since being a kid. The anime emphasizes this idea that her strength stems from her emotions and determination. With the classic, ‘not good at magic, but has hidden potential’ trope. I’ve got to say though, the animation is actually pretty charming. Whereas the characters are fairly fleshed out, albeit still pretty 2 dimensional. I didn’t feel much weight behind the characters in this anime, since a lot of them just felt like architypes. The anime makes a couple of pop culture references, and can be seen as the harry potter of anime. However, I’ve just got to say this now, I didn’t really enjoy Little witch academia that much. Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty good slice of life anime, which has some fairly interesting magic related content. However, the drama between characters is very lacking and unstimulating. I wasn’t whole heartedly disappointed though, and I can understand why this is an anime some may like. I’ve got to say this myself; I genuinely loved the art style of this anime. The characters are very exaggerated in their personality and the way they act. This can appeal to people wanted more of this kind of visual comedy and fantasy- slice of life. However, it’s just not my thing. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to most people, unless they just want to watch it casually over time.

Ps. I just wanted to reinforce that I loved the art direction and character design in this series.

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