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My thoughts on the anime Ascendance of a book worm

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A bookworm is reincarnated as a 5-year-old child from a poor family. As a result of her new financial status her family can’t afford book. This drives her to go out of her way to try and create her own books by learning how to write from scratch and then finding the necessary equipment for her goal.

Main is a quirky character with a crazy obsession for books. I mean seriously this is kinda unreal from what to expect from most people. However, let’s look into this character a tid bit more. Main’s character is supposed to be an adult reincarnated as a child. However, every expression of this character reflects a child’s character rather than that of an adult. In my opinion this is a flaw, since I find the character to be slightly bland in the personality area. While these flaws make Maine not as good as in some other anime, but I’d argue that she’s passable for a character. The reason boils down to the childlike expressions of Maine have been nailed down well, along with her polite personality and quirky obsession for books in a world lacking them. 

Lost potential

From a surface level the anime’s premise feels a bit random, but that’s the Isekai genre for you. However, I’ve got to say that after watching this anime, I’ve realized the potential here; this is a world where the protagonist would struggle to get access to books, her true vice. The more I think about what this could have been the more interesting this premise can be. Instead of a polite girl that actually acts her reincarnated age, what if she was a bit more obsessive, leading to funny moments rather than the random squabbles between characters. Think of it this way, just like how being Isekai’s have the main characters have OP superpowers, make her OP with knowledge. This kind of thing has been done before, with the character Senku, from Doctor Stone. Instead the anime decides to add magic into this world, which may be alright. Honestly, the lack of substance made this anime a bit boring to watch.

List of What I wish was added:

  • Faster pacing
  • Sensationalized and more wacky moments
  • Main character not acting like a kid all the time
  • The feeling that there is actually some real conflict, instead of this all being so dull.
  • A character with real personality
  • More interesting events, instead of boring us
  • Maybe a clash of interests

 Would I recommend this anime?

It’s more of a casual watch to burn time. I don’t recommend it to most people, unless your just curious about what’s going on for this current season of anime. If you want to know what anime I will recommend, then be sure to check out my other (upcoming) blogs to know what I think you may be missing out on!

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