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The Highscore Girl

Oh my God, was there ever an anime I underestimated. I first heard about HighScore girl from ‘Mother’s Basement’. My initial impression of this series was, “hey this just some lame excuse for anime, who’d watch this?” But look at me now, I can’t help but smile when thinking about some phenominal moments from this series. Trust me when I say this, but this is something you must check out!

What Put Me Of

Firstly, the art style of this anime is made in 3d, I had a grudge against this. I felt like this was gonna be one of those trashy CGI type of shows. On top of that the premise felt a bit simplistic to me; guy meets girl out of his league and spends time playing video games with her. However, what I learned later on was that, this is not the premise. The anime has a very interesting balance between its light hearted focus on our main character’s obsession with video games, with the romantic plot. What I was expecting is for the anime to just promote video game culture, with a very weak relationship just forced at the end; Oh my was I wrong!

The Plot

This anime is about the relationship between a guy who’s passionate about video games and a mute girl that escapes from her strict life by turning towards the gaming culture. This Segway is where the two meet in this story. It starts of with our main character meeting her as a kid and the two becoming rivals. Through the course of this anime they go through different experiences together, developing a stronger bond. With the strategic use of time skips and the conflict from the girl’s strict life, the anime cultivates a very strong emotional weight to something so simple. This anime in a sense accurately reflects something about real relationships, they aren’t something forced, but rather something that grows due to mutually shared experiences, which leads to people growing onto each other.

On the matter of the time skips, I’ve got to say that they are incredibly satisfying. I have never seen an anime with time skips which are this satisfying to see. From my personal experience usually time skips are just used out of pure necessity for the plot to more forward. However, in this anime the time skips adds emotional weight to everything that happens. It establishes meaning to what our characters are feeling, to their actions. It makes us feel as if these characters are real. I intend on writing a separate blog which will delve deeper into these 2 time skips, that I think deserves to be talked about a lot more!

How this anime promotes gaming culture

For a while I’ve been a bit distant from my gaming past. Perhaps this is part of growing up, maybe the fun times and the nice memories were always meant to stay in my childhood. However, this anime rekindled my passion towards video games; That is how good this series is! Video games are portrayed as something which can help people form bonds, something that creates communities; it’s a way of life. Honestly, the passion the main character has towards video games is somewhat realistic in a sense and the issues he faces from his obsession is also showcased in this anime. We get to see him grow into a mature and well-balanced guy, with a passion.  The anime doesn’t demean him for being the guy obsessed with video games, nor does it cop out by pandering to his passion. Rather it gives a balanced perspective on his character, we see that he is flawed, but his passion is genuinely charming. This guy grows to become pretty charismatic and as the series goes on we begin to root for like crazy!

The relationship

To avoid spoilers I’m not going to delve too deep into the relationship between these two characters. However, I will say this, this is not your usual anime romance. These two character grow attached to each other as a result of these shared intimate and special moments; they just have good chemistry.  What’s more is that with 2 time skips to boot, you can’t help but root for the best for these two. The relationship is something which evolves from when they are just kids until when they are somewhat close to their late teens. Honestly, there has never been a romance anime that got me cheering out loud, except for this one!


If you want a lighthearted rom com, with some strong emotional weight to give it a light punch, then this is what you need. Trust me, this anime is worth your time and doesn’t deserve to be judged by its unique animation style. You’ll have 2 seasons of entertainment from this, so you can lift your spirits during this lock down, with a captivating albeit a very simple story.

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