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Hanako kun

This anime is a very interesting light hearted comedy between a girl and a ghost spirit inspired by the Japanese legend, Hanako. However, unlike the legend this ghost is very laid back and light hearted, despite having a slightly darker side. In this anime there are beings who exist upon the school rumors, creatures of the spirit.  It starts off with a girl trying to get help from Hanako to get her crush to notice her. However, this later spirals into the two forming a human- ghost pact of sorts. I’ve got to say that I found some of the plot points to be a bit intriguing. While this isn’t an anime that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s definitely quite satisfying to watch.

Art Style

I’ve got to say hand down, I love the art style in this anime. The characters look so beautiful, I’m just lost for words here. However, this isn’t just some animated wallpaper I’m recommending here, the fight scenes are pretty good too, albeit not the best anime has to offer.  On top of that the comedy is decent, while not messing up the tone of the anime; The serious moments are somewhat balanced with the more upbeat- comedy moments. However, overall this anime isn’t something outstanding as a work of art. Since it feels more like a pleasant casual watch which may get you a bit thrilled here and there as you go down the series. I found certain expressions to just be very eye catching and well selected for the scenes. Honestly, more than half of why I love this anime is because of its artstyle.


I’d recommend this anime to anyone, but not just because it’s a pretty animated wallpaper of sorts, but also because the plot is actually quite a bit charming. If you want a way to unwind after a day’s work, I’d recommend checking this anime out. However, I think you’d want to give a chance past the 1st episode to tell if it’s for you or not.

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Demon slayer

Demon slayer is an anime about Tanjiro, a human boy that loses his family to a demon. Meanwhile his sister survives, but only after losing her humanity. The story is about him going on the adventure to become a demon slayer, in pursuit of protecting his now-demon sister, along with finding a way to reverse the curse and turn her back into a human.

My thoughts:

In my opinion demon slayer is a series that I’d like to describe as ‘on the verge of being a masterpiece’. The anime has some unique fights along with a very vivid and captivating art style. The character designs are one of a kind, with this traditional esque element that I can’t quite put my finger on. Then we have the characters, they are very archetypical; I have to be honest here, for most of the series I felt like there wasn’t quite a lot of depth behind most characters. Demon slayer falls into the shounin genre and a common trope for these characters is that they’d fall in this vage architype known as ‘the main character of a shounin’, this is so true for Demon slayer.  However, as I watched the series I started to feel like there was some depth behind these characters, as it’s been showcased through the memories of side characters, along with the experiences Tanjiro has. Additionally, one thing this anime does differently, is how they victimize not only humans, but also demons in this series. It reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul, where both sides can appear to be menacing in different contexts. However, I’ve got to say I love the concept behind the ‘breathing techniques’, which is the primary combat system used in this series.  This anime even has one of the most epic moments I have seen, which caused it to blow up on twitter, even getting the attention of the pro gamer Ninja. To avoid handing out spoilers, I won’t go into what makes this moment so special. However, what I will say is this; this moment has strong emotional weight behind it, making out truly outstanding.

                     For reference I have this video by Gigguk which goes into why Demon slayer is art. However, I got to say: [SPOILER WARNING.]

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Little Witch Academia

This anime is about a girl who sets out to a witch academy in pursuit of becoming an outstanding witch, like someone she idolized since being a kid. The anime emphasizes this idea that her strength stems from her emotions and determination. With the classic, ‘not good at magic, but has hidden potential’ trope. I’ve got to say though, the animation is actually pretty charming. Whereas the characters are fairly fleshed out, albeit still pretty 2 dimensional. I didn’t feel much weight behind the characters in this anime, since a lot of them just felt like architypes. The anime makes a couple of pop culture references, and can be seen as the harry potter of anime. However, I’ve just got to say this now, I didn’t really enjoy Little witch academia that much. Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty good slice of life anime, which has some fairly interesting magic related content. However, the drama between characters is very lacking and unstimulating. I wasn’t whole heartedly disappointed though, and I can understand why this is an anime some may like. I’ve got to say this myself; I genuinely loved the art style of this anime. The characters are very exaggerated in their personality and the way they act. This can appeal to people wanted more of this kind of visual comedy and fantasy- slice of life. However, it’s just not my thing. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to most people, unless they just want to watch it casually over time.

Ps. I just wanted to reinforce that I loved the art direction and character design in this series.

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This anime is about the relationship between a guy and a girl. However, the twist here is in the focus on what is called ‘Chinibyo’ or ‘8th grade syndrome’, which is essentially when someone is delusional about them having unreal powers despite the lack of evidence for it. Long story short, in his younger years our protagonist used to be one of these people, calling himself ‘The Dark Flame Master’. However, when starting highschool he decides to leave his embarrassing past behind him, in pursuit of being what he considers to be normal. During his 1st day of school he encounters a girl (the love interest), who has Chunibyo. Naturally her presence is at first a slight hinderance for the main character. However, through the course of the anime he learns to appreciate her, before two eventually get together.

What I liked about this Anime:

This is a slice of life anime, so naturally the bread and butter here is in the characters. I’ve got to say, these characters have a very nice charm to them. For example the main character is portrayed as being more mature, but being flawed due to his need to be ‘normal’. Whereas the love interest is more childlike, which is at first portrayed as a flaw, but then revealed to also be her strength. Each character has a distinctive feel, with their own motives for why they act the way they do. 

What’s deep about the Anime:

Well for a slice of life anime I’d argue that Chunibyo is fairly deep. The anime shows how people can wrap themselves around a self image, their own narrative in pursuit of escaping the world. Basically, nobody really sees the world for what it is, we’re all delusional in our own way. Therefore, it wouldn’t really make any sense for someone to try and be ‘normal’, since it’s pointless. The anime uses the most exteme and bizzare case as the metaphor for that (Chunibyo), to express how suspension of disbelief can lighten up the world. It promotes the idea of having a balanced perspective on reality, where you’d let your imagination run wild, but you’d also appreciate reality for what it is.

[“That’s pretty deep…”  

                                                               “No… You’re just shallow”]


In my opinion this anime is something nice to watch over a long period of time. I wouldn’t recommend binging through its 2 seasons, since it is a slice of life, and you may appreciate it more if you watched over time.  This anime isn’t phenominal with its writing and can get a bit unstimulating. The comedy is subpar, so if you want something to laugh with I’d recommend checking out my other blog on said topic. However, despite what it may be lacking, I think it’s a pretty good casual experience. This anime is a bit like comfort food for your entertainment. It’s not much, but it’s a very casual experience, which is disproportionately satisfying.

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The Highscore Girl

Oh my God, was there ever an anime I underestimated. I first heard about HighScore girl from ‘Mother’s Basement’. My initial impression of this series was, “hey this just some lame excuse for anime, who’d watch this?” But look at me now, I can’t help but smile when thinking about some phenominal moments from this series. Trust me when I say this, but this is something you must check out!
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